The best way to build your brand identity is to find what sets you apart and tell that story in a way that is compelling, concise and consistent through your marketing and communications efforts.

I help companies and nonprofit organizations define and present that messaging. Whether you need help distilling a big idea into something concise, or growing a seed of an idea into a solid marketing plan, I can develop the messaging and the creative elements, and take care of the nitty-gritty details to make it all happen—whether “it” is as straightforward as producing some sharp copy, or managing a project, start to finish.


 I make words work—hard—by determining the core messages, stripping away the fluff and polishing what’s left into sharp copy.



People love, and remember, stories. I’ll weave your message into a story that flows, draws the reader in and gives your brand its voice.

works well with others

I’ve taken marketing communications projects from concept through completion, working with designers, photographers, printers and pr professionals. I can work with your team, or recommend other creatives, to fulfill your needs.



In addition to being the right-brain creative on projects, I’ve also been the left-brain details person responsible for developing—and sticking to—timelines and budgets. So when I say I’ll deliver, I do.